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What is HEEALARX Split EVI Inverter Air to Water House Heating Cooling Heat Pump? 

HEEALARX DC Inverter Evi Air to Water House Heating Cooling Heat Pump with evi is one type of air source heat pump which is  specifically designed for low ambient air climates. It offers exceptional anti-freezing protection and also high heating performance even in extreme temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius with its hybronic indoor unit inside the room and also adoption of evi technology. 

What is the Function of HEEALARX Split Inverter Evi  Air to Water House Heating  Heat Pump? 

The function of HEEALARX split inverter evi air source house heating heat pump is to provide ideal solution for  heating , cooling and domestic hot water supply for household properties, office buildings and other commercial facilities. It extracts heat from the outdoor air and transfers it to water, which can be circulated through radiators, underfloor heating systems, or other hydronic heating systems to warm up the indoor space. It can also reverse its operation to provide cooling by absorbing heat from the indoor space and releasing it to the outside.  Mature full inverter technology with evi allows the heat pump to work in variable speed and output to meet the different heating, cooling and hot watger demands with higher efficiency and reducing energy bill cost. 

What is the Advantage of  HEEALRX Split Inverter Evi Air Source Heating Cooling  Heat Pump?

1. Higher  efficiency: Mature full inverter technology in adoption allows the heat pump to vary its speed and output, resulting in more precise temperature control and greatly reduced energy consumption. 
2. Multi Function : Split Inverter evi air to water house heating heat pump provide ideal solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply for both household properties and also commercial facilities. 
3. Convenience Installation for New Buildings: The split system design separates the indoor and outdoor units, providing flexibility in installation options. This allows for easier integration into existing buildings or new construction projects. 
4. Cost savings: The high efficiency of A+++ for split inverter house heating heat pump and its precise temperature control of the split inverter heat pump can result in lower energy bills compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. 5. Quiet Operations : The split design separates the noisy components, such as the compressor to the outdoor unit, greatly reducing the noise level inside the building. Overall, the split inverter air-to-water heat pump offers improved energy efficiency, comfort control, flexibility, and cost savings compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

What are Main Components Using for HEEALARX Inverter Air to Water House Heating Cooling Heat Pump Split Type?

As to ensure the stable performance  of split inverter heat pump unit with high efficiency, HEEALARX Split Inverter House Heating Cooling Heat Pump Units adopt world top grade parts including: Panasonic twin rotary compressor with evi, ALFA LAVAL plate heater exchanger, Wilo inverter water pump, Panasonic inverter fan motor, Honeywell 3 way water valve, etc. 

What is the ERP Energy Grade For Split Type Inverter Evi Air to Water House Heating Cooling Heat Pump Manufactured by HEEALARX?

Split inverter evi air to water house heating cooling heat pump from HEEALARX has successfully gained the ERP A+++ energy class certification from TUV SUD after rigorous testing. This certification acknowledges its exceptional energy efficiency. Notably, the heat pump attains an A+++ energy efficiency grade at 35°C and remains highly efficient with an A++ grade even at 55°C.