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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

With 10 years experience and efforts of swimming pool heat pump product design, engineering and also product manufacturing, HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED has been exploring ways to improve the heating, cooling solutions for both residential and commercial type swimming pool. Up to now, HEEALARX has become one of the most trustworthy inverter pool heat pump manufacturers to provide OEM/ODM solutions for customers worldwide. 
HEEALARX will continue to develop and research as one of the professional inverter pool heat pump manufacturer, seeking the most intuitive heating cooling solutions for each end users. We have cherished the belief of creating a new clean and energy saving heating cooling solutions for global users and also building sustainable and delighted experience of swimming in all seasons with green new inverter heat pump technology. 

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Full inverter air to water swimming pool heat pump from HEEALARX provides energy saving, stable running and also comfortable experience of pool heating and cooling solutions for swimming pools both in home, villa and also commercial properties such as hotels, schools, stadiums, clubs and also entertainment centers.




Wide Product Range

  • HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED provides both residential and commercial type inverter swimming pool heat pump with new green gas of R32 and R290, catering different market needs for swimming pool heating, cooling such as household and commercial areas.

Low Noise Level

  • DC inverter swimming pool heat pump from HEEALARX adopted patented double side air flow system and also full inverter technology which has been proved in the market that is high efficient in heat exchanging and also outstandingly super low noise level during operation process of swimming pool heating and cooling.

Variable Compressor Speed Technology

  • Unlike traditional pool heat pump with fixed speed compressor which will stich on/off compressor periodically for heating, cooling, HEEALARX inverter pool heat pump equipped with full inverter technology using inverter compressor with variable speed together with variable speed fan motor, automatically adjusting output at the lowest consumption of power and maintaining the set temperature at different climates.


Full range of inverter pool heat pump from HEEALARX is with 3 years warranty for the whole units and also 5 years warranty on the compressors. Normally we will provide 1-1.5% free spare parts in the shipment and also if there is any damage during warranty period and we will offer free spare parts via courier and also shoulder certain percent of labor cost loss.