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Commercial Inverter Air to Water Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Commercial inverter type swimming pool heat pump of HEEALARX is a series of inverter frequency commercial type heat pump for pool heating and cooling. This type of commercial type inverter pool heat pump provides stable and energy saving solutions for pools in commercial and industrial applications such as hotels, schools, waterparks, gyms, etc. Not just quieter and easier operation beyond your imagination, the commercial type inverter pool heat pump of HEEALARX is a cost effective choice for constant and reliable swimming pool water temperature for heating and cooling on commercial occasions.

HEEALARX commercial inverter pool heat pumps have been widely used to cope with the demands of aquatic facilities such as municipalities, hotels, gymnasium, resorts, schools and also stadiums in country of Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Mauritius and other European countries. And years of using and also market feedback proved that HEEALARX inverter swimming pool heat pump is the best choice of high cost-effective commercial water heater and reliable industrial heat pump products for water heating cooling. This type of inverter pool heat pump is more efficient than traditional on/off swimming pool heat pump and electrical pool heater, using the outside air to regulate the temperature inside the pool.


    10 ton commercial heat pump

    Commercial occasion application:
    Commercial inverter pool heat pumps are widely used in public places all over the world, such as hotels, schools, aqua parks and GYMS etc. 

    High Efficiency 
    Adopting high efficiency titanium heater exchanger and mature full inverter technology, commercial inverter  pool heat pump obtains high efficiency of cooling and heating with cop of 12. 

    Scroll type compressor
    Scroll type compressor is in use can ensure the commercial inverter pool heat pump achieve the desired energy saving results with precise energy stage settings. 

    Central Control

    HEEALARX commercial inverter swimming pool heat pump comes equipping with centralized control, making temperature adjustment and failure revise much easier. With integration the master-slave control into the design of the system, the master units can work together with higher efficiency without being interfered by any failure of the save unit during operation. 

    Commercial air source heat pump

    R32 Refrigerant Available 

    Full range of HEEALARX commercial inverter pool heat pump applies R32 refrigerant with low GWP and higher heating cooling efficiency. HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED is also the first few manufacturer of commercial pool heat pump which adopts R32 refrigerant to commercial inverter swimming pool heat pumps. Normally for commercial inverter pool heat pump is using R410A refrigerant. 

    Automatic Defrosting Technology 

    HEEALARX commercial inverter pool heat pump adopts automatic defrosting technology, which can determine the defrosting time according to the operating conditions of the unit, ambient air temperature and thickness of frost, so as to achieve automatic defrosting when it is need. These measures can greatly shorten the defrosting time by 20% and also can ensure the high heating capacity.

    Commercial water heater

    Digital Touch WIFI Control 

    With wifi/app control, customer can control commercial inverter pool heat pump anywhere with app on your smartphone, easy for maintenance. 

    Product Parameter

    DC Inverter  Swimming Pool Heat Pump Specification
    Model MX400IN  MX500IN  MX600IN  MX800IN  MX1000IN  MX1300IN  MX2400IN  MX3000IN 
    Power supply 3/380-415V/50HZ
    Heating:(Air26 ,Water26,Humidity80%) Capacity(KW) 44  55  66  83  110  140  240  330 
    COP 14.18-5.88 14.28-5.92 14.21-5.74 14.30-5.78 14.44-5.74 14.52-5.69 14.38-5.59 14.25-5.64
    COP at 50% capacity 10.09  10.16  10.45  10.52  10.83  10.57  10.06  10.68 
    Heating:(Air20, Water26Humidity80%) capacity(KW) 40  50  60  75  100  125  200  300 
    COP 8.30-5.05 8.33-5.08 8.35-5.08 8.24-5.02 8.34-5.10 8.29-5.12 8.25-5.08 8.24-5.03
    COP at 50% capacity 8.05  8.12  8.12  8.15  8.23  8.21  8.21  8.15 
    Heating;(Air15, Water26,Humidity70%) capacity(KW) 34  42  50  65  85  105  175  250 
    COP 6.02-4.01 6.05-4.05 6.04-4.02 6.09-4.06 6.05-4.08 6.07-4.11 6.09-4.08 6.08-4.10
    COP at 50% capacity 6.18  6.25  6.22  6.28  6.24  6.22  6.28  6.19 
    Cooling;(Air35, Water28,Humidity70%) capacity(KW) 32  40  48  60  80  102  165  240 
    EER 5.62-3.50 5.68-3.54 5.67-3.54 5.70-3.51 5.66-3.49 5.67-3.51 5.69-3.48 5.68-3.48
    EER at 50% capacity 3.43  3.45  3.42  3.47  3.43  3.44  3.45  3.47 
    Reted input power at air 20(KW) 4.81-7.92 6.00-9.84 7.18-11.81 9.10-14.94 11.99-19.60 15.07-24.41 24.24-39.37 36.40-59.64
    Reted input current at air 20(A) 7.69-12.68 9.54-15.74 11.13-18.88 14.55-23.94 19.17-31.34 24.10-39.04 38.59-62.96 58.21-95.35
    water flow m3/h 18-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 40-45 60-65 80-85 120-125
    Compressor HITACHI
    Heat exchanger Spiral titanium tube in PVC
    Min pressure/max pressure Mpa 1.5/4.20
    unit net dimensions
    mm 1420x730x1050mm 1480x850x1550mm 1480x850x1550mm 1480x850x1550mm 1850x1000x1940mm 2000x1100x1920mm 2020x1055x1900mm 2239x1185x2060mm
    net weight  kg 450  450  650  650  870  1250  1520  1987 
    noise at 1 m dB(A) 60-65 60-65 62-68 62-68 65-70 65-70 65-72 65-72