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Residential Inverter Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump

For European residential swimming pool heat pump market, people are looking for modern designed, high efficiency and reliable working inverter heat pump units instead of old fashioned low quality on/off units. As to meet this market trend, after thorough efforts from HEEALARX R&D team, and as to provide luxurious heating solution for swimming pool, HEEALARX full inverter swimming pool heat pump PX series has been thoroughly concepted and designed to meet the global need of luxurious full inverter swimming pool heat pump with character of super low noise level, high heating efficiency, new environment friendly gas of R32 , modern patented design and also digital touch control with WIFI.

If you are looking for right product of residential inverter pool heat pump to cooperate with, HEEALARX PX series residential inverter pool heat pump will be your right choice. As it is the top quality residential inverter heat pump for pool heating with perfect combination of modern design, reliable working, high efficiency and longer lifetime. Monthly manufacturing capacity for residential pool heat pump can reach 5000pcs one month, can manage quick and regular delivery for large orders.

    inverter pool heat pump

    Full inverter technology is in used, can ensure the system work very efficiently with cop of above 15. 

    Quiet Operation 
    Super low noise level, with unique design of air blow system, the unit can heat/cool the pool very quietly, only 10DB noise level. 

    WIFI/APP Control 
    Digital touch control with WIFI, can control your heat pump anywhere with app on your smartphone.

    Easy For Installation

    PX Series residential inverter pool heat pump adopts unique airflow design, air inlet from back and air outlet from double sides, needing less installation space than other conventional pool heat pumps. 

    inverter pool heater
    Air source pool heat pump

    Double Side Airflow Design

    After years of application in the European swimming pool heat pump market, HEEALARX own patented double side air flow design is proved to be highly efficient in heating exchange and extremely silent during operations. Adopting unique super silent double side air flow design ( air input from front frame and discharged from double sides), PX series residential inverter pool heat pump can be installed closed to the wall or even at a corner while running silently with high efficiency.   

    LOW GWP Gas 

    Low GWP gas of R32 has been adopted in residential inverter pool heat pump PX series. Comparing with traditional refrigerant of R22 and R410A, R32 has low global warming potential and with its remarkable character for its low environment impact and also rather higher efficiency.

    Swimming pool water heater

    Full Inverter Technology 

    PX series residential inverter swimming pool heat pump is powered by HEEALARX full inverter technology( equipped with twin rotary inverter compressor and also stepless DC fan motor) which can reduce half of the electricity consumption and bring extremely silent usage experience for end users and better experience of comfort swimming all seasons. 

    Product Parameter

    Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump HEEALARX Series 
    Model PX090IN  PX110IN  PX150IN  PX180IN  PX220IN  PX250IN 
    Advised pool volume(m³) 20-40 30-55 40-70 50-85 65-100 75-115
    Operating air temperature () -10℃~43
    Performance Condition (Air 27/Water26/Humid,80%)
    Heating Capacity (kW) 2.07.0 2.59.7 3.012.8 3.517.0 7.020.5 8.025.0
    Consumed power 0.131.10 0.161.49 0.191.94 0.232.74 0.453.25 0.524.03
    COP 15.56.36 15.56.5 15.66.6 15.36.2 15.56.3 15.36.2
    Performance Condition (Air 15/Water26/Humid,70%)
    Heating Capacity (kW) 1.65.4 2.07.0 2.59.0 3.012.0 5.515.5 6.519.0
    Consumed power 0.251.29 0.761.52 0.392.0 0.482.79 0.863.69 1.004.22
    COP 6.54.20 6.64.6 6.54.5 6.34.3 6.44.2 6.54.5
    Performance Condition (Air 10/Water26/Humid,64%)
    Heating Capacity (kW) 1.24.0 1.65.5 2.07.0 2.59.0 4.513.8 5.517.5
    Consumed power 0.301.33 0.381.77 0.482.19 0.612.90 1.104.31 1.315.65
    COP 4.03.0 4.23.1 4.23.2 4.13.1 4.13.2 4.23.1
    Power Supply 220V~/50Hz
    Casing type  Metal
    Compressor Twin Rotary DC Inverter  type
    Fan Form DC inverter  type
    Fan Quantity
    Fan Speed (RPM) 400-800 400-800 400-800 400-800 400-800 400-800
    Sound Pressure 1m dB(A) 37-47 37-48 40-50 40-51 41-53 42-55
    Sound Pressure 10m dB(A) 18-27 18-28 21-31 21-33 23-35 24-37
    Water Connection (mm) 50
    Water Flow Volume (m³/h) 2.4  3.3  4.4  5.8  7.1  86.0 
    Net Dimensions L/W/H (mm) 1030*455*635 1030*455*635 1030*455*635 1130*500*800 1210*530*900 1210*530*900
    Qty per 20GP/40GP/40HQ 72/156/156 72/156/156 72/156/156 72/156/156 44/84/84 44/84/84
    Refrigerant R32